[ADSM-L] ANR4950E error when doing ndmp backup w/ TOC=yes

2007-04-27 18:13:31
Subject: [ADSM-L] ANR4950E error when doing ndmp backup w/ TOC=yes
From: "Schneider, John" <schnjd AT STLO.MERCY DOT NET>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 17:13:05 -0500
        I have been back and forth between EMC and IBM.  I am doing NDMP
backups from a Celerra.  When it was upgraded to DartOS, from a
5.4 version, it started getting ANR4950E messages, that it couldn't
obtain the TOC at the end of the backup.
Finally, I am getting closer. EMC has sent me the instructions below on
how to enable the NDMP Snapsure option. They say the underlying cause of
my problem is that the contents of the volume is changing during the
backup. The solution is a new NDMP feature of the Celerra NAS that uses
their snap technology to automatically create a snap of the volume at
the point of backup. The NDMP backup will then proceed using the snap
and not the actual volume, and at the end of the backup, the snap is
automatically deleted.   
EMC has given me directions on how to enable the Snapsure feature on the
Celerra. It involves the following Celerra command:
server_param server_X -f NDMP -m snapsure -v 1 
where X  is the Datamover to which the Tape Library is connected.
Now what I need from IBM is how to request it when I go to do the
backup. According to Page 59 of their manual, there is a SNAPSURE=Y
parameter that I need to use in TSM when I request the backup so that
the NAS will create the snap. It says quite clearly that enabling the
feature on the Celerra is necessary, but not sufficient. The calling
backup program must ask to use the feature. 
I have not been able to find anything in the manual that tells me how to
do this. I found a note on IBM's TSM knowledgebase called "IBM
recommends enabling Celerra file server integrated checkpoints when
performing NDMP backups with Tivoli Storage Manager". I found it by
searching using "NAS snap" as the keywords. It says IBM recommends using
this feature, but doesn't tell how to turn it on. 
Can any kind soul help me find this out?

Best Regards,

John D. Schneider
Sr. System Administrator - Storage
Sisters of Mercy Health System
3637 South Geyer Road
St. Louis, MO.  63127
Email:  schnjd AT stlo.mercy DOT net
Office: 314-364-3150, Cell:  314-486-2359

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