Re: HELP: TSM has recycled itself...

2006-08-29 10:35:08
Subject: Re: HELP: TSM has recycled itself...
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 10:32:46 -0400
On Aug 29, 2006, at 10:16 AM, Joni Moyer wrote:

Hi Richard,

I did have an issue approximately 6 months ago with data integrity,
IBM said that all was well.  Maybe they were incorrect and the
does have corruption.  In order to do a dump/loadformat/load/audit
on my
database I would think this would take a tremendous amount of down
The database is currently 155 GB.  I guess what I'm wondering is
when I
migrate to TSM 5.3.3, will this dump/loadformat/load/audit process
be run?
 And if so, I'm wondering if it would be ok to wait until I upgrade in
order to audit the TSM database?  I'm just trying to have the least
of down time in the environment, but I also want to protect and
backup the
data efficiently.

Any thoughts on this matter is appreciated!  Thanks!
Joni -

As per one of my prior postings, ANR9999D messages reflect aberrant
conditions which IBM has added this kind of debugging to detect,
capturing some debugging values.  As the Messages manual says, "This
information is intended for reporting processing exceptions and other
non-standard situations that occur on the ADSM server."

You should preserve the contents of your dsmserv.err file and contact
TSM Support, providing them with all the info, and advising of your
past problems.  In some cases, and depending upon who handles the
call, you may get a very targeted, short-duration correction, rather
than a whole-db audit.

No, it is not the normal process to perform "gymnastics" on the TSM
database in an upgrade, so you need to get the problem addressed well
ahead of time, particularly as you want to assure continued operation

  Richard Sims

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