Full Incremental Rotations

2006-08-29 08:01:07
Subject: Full Incremental Rotations
From: Adrian Compton <adrianc AT ASPENPHARMA DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 13:41:37 +0200
Hi There,

I want to ensure I am implementing the best possible strategy for TSM
Has anyone implemented this successfully as described in the
Full-Incremental Rotations Using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager field guide
from IBM.

I am using a copy storage pool , and perform a full backup weekly, and
incrementals during the week. In addition I do an archive on the last
Sunday of each month. All AIX.
Would this constitute best practice.

Another side issue - Has anyone encountered recursive backing up of linked
directories in AIX. I have a directory called websm that seems to go into
an endless loop.
Any ideas how to rid of this error with out excluding the said directory.


Adrian Compton

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