Re: TSM on P5 LPAR

2006-08-16 08:54:09
Subject: Re: TSM on P5 LPAR
From: Richard Rhodes <rrhodes AT FIRSTENERGYCORP DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:45:06 -0400
We run AIX/TSM on LPAR's . . . . no problem . . . . no difference.  Once
the LPAR is up and running with AIX it's just another AIX instance with
it's own memory, processor(s) (or fraction processor . . or floating
processor), and adapter cards.  TSM doesn't know about or care about the
fact it's in an LPAR.


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Hello all,

    Is anybody using TSM server installed on a P5 LPAR with AIX? The
question is: Are there any differences between installations on LPAR and
"single-image" (non-partitioned)  machines? Environment soulhd be TSM 5.3.3
on AIX 5.3.

    Thanks in advance,

Paul van Dongen

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