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2006-08-09 06:25:28
Subject: Re: [SPAM: 5.033] [ADSM-L] Migrating windows clients to AIX
From: Leigh Reed <L.Reed AT MDX.AC DOT UK>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 11:22:54 +0100

TSM DB backups are OS specific, you will not be able to restore a DB
backup from your Windows TSM server to a newly built AIX server. The
only way to achieve what you want is as you have said, either through
exporting the nodes over a period of time or simply backing up the nodes
afresh to the new AIX server and letting the old data on you Windows TSM
servers expire.

I guess it comes down to the retentions that you have set for your
Windows clients and how long you are willing to keep the old Windows TSM
architecture in production.

For the export route, you used to have to ensure that your export could
complete before your next backup, otherwise the incoming backup would
create a new filespace denoted xxxx1. Now, IBM have introduced the
"mergefilespace" option that allows you to merge the export into an
already existing filespace.

As I recall, there were some nasty APARs with this functionality in
earlier releases, therefore it might be prudent to check the server
version you are running against the fix list and see if there are any
known issues with export node mergefilespace=yes.

If you go down the export node to server route, I would recommend you
have GB network capability on both servers. (normally a given these days
I know, but just thought I'd better mention it)


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Hi List,

I have the opportunity of moving all my windows clients to an lpar on a
We currently backup all windows clients to windows TSM servers. Now what
after is how I go about this and move all my data. I'm guessing that I
just export the TSM DB from the windows server and put it on the AIX
I know I can do server to server exports, but there's the time involved
do this. I can also just start afresh and let the data expire on the

Is there anything else I can try.


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