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2006-08-02 09:10:31
Subject: Re: Data expiration
From: "Barnes, Kenny" <Kenny.Barnes AT GMACINSURANCE DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 09:04:27 -0400
Verexist = nol
Verdel   = nol
Retexta  = 90
Retonly  = 90 

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Subject: Data expiration

I am still working understanding why my TSM DB continues to grow and
think I may have come upon something.  I have many retention policies in
the management class for all my file servers.  The goal was to keep most
data for only 90 days after it was deleted and to keep 90 versions if it
was a file that would be updated daily.
Incremental backups are run nightly.  TSM is AIX 5.3 and TSM 4.2.7.  The
file servers are mostly W2K with backup-restore client 5.1.x - 5.3.x.

My expiration runs successfully daily but I believe what is happening is
the majority of data being expired are the files that are overwritten
daily.  It looks to me like the files that someone overwrites once or
twice lives out in TSM forever, certainly beyond the 90 days I was
expecting it to be there.

Here are my management classes.  Is the unlimited "retain extra
versions" overriding my 90 days in the primary management class ?

Any help would be appreciated.

The default management class is defined as:

versions data exist: unlimited
versions data deleted: 9
retain extra versions: 9
retain only version: 9

The primary management class used (95% of all data)

versions data exist: unlimited
versions data deleted: 90
retain extra versions: 90
retain only version: 90

The 2 long retention management classes are:

versions data exist: unlimited
versions data deleted: 366
retain extra versions: 366
retain only version: 366

versions data exist: unlimited
versions data deleted: unlimited
retain extra versions: unlimited
retain only version: unlimited
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