Determining archive sizes for recharge?

2006-08-01 11:21:32
Subject: Determining archive sizes for recharge?
From: Jim Zajkowski <jamesez AT UMICH DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 11:17:20 -0400
Hi folks,

Right now we only backup servers to TSM.  We are considering allowing
individuals to use TSM as an archive repository, and the first question
that came up was how to figure out how much space a particular client or
person is using in the archive, so we can send them a bill.

The caveat: one of the machines that people will archive from is used by
more than one billable group (specifically, more than one research lab).
I will need to be able to figure out which person has archived however
much they did.  While the idea of having more than one management class
with different tape pools seems like a sound idea, I cannot necessarily
rely on the users choosing the right class.  Each user's directory has
their name on it, so we can probably figure it out from a q arch on the

Has anyone done this?  I know how much we all love recharging, but that is
out of my control.



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