Re: storage media inaccessible?

2004-09-23 10:03:04
Subject: Re: storage media inaccessible?
From: William Rosette <Bill_Rosette AT PAPAJOHNS DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 09:55:59 -0400

I have had the problem 2x this year and I rebooted the 3494 tape library
and the problem went away.  I could not see any "unavailable" or "reado" .
After the reboot of the 3494 tape library I was able to complete
reclamations, migrations, and checkins on the scratch tapes.  Still haven't
figured what causes this.

Thank You,
Bill Rosette
Data Center/IS/Papa Johns International

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It's possibly that it is not those tapes that are inaccessable but
rather the tape that holds the same data in the primary pool.  Assuming
these are copypool tapes, if you try to move data or space reclaim and
tsm thinks they are not in the library, it will try to use the
corresponding primary pool tapes.  If they are unavailable for some
reason, you will get this error.  I reccommned running a "q vol
access=unavailable" and reasearch any tapes that might show up in that


>>> Nancy.Reeves AT WICHITA DOT EDU 9/22/2004 4:44:41 PM >>>
I have 3 tape volumes that I cannot access. Anything that accesses the
tape (including Space Reclamation & Move Data) get  errors (different
each command) that include "xxxx terminated for volume 999999 -
media inaccessible."

I can't figure out why! It doesn't seem to matter whether the volumes
checked into the library or not. (If not, I should get a mount
Here is the result from a "q vol 99999 f=d" for one of them.

Volume Name: 075D8D
             Storage Pool Name: WSUTAPEBACKUP
             Device Class Name: MAGSTARTAPE
       Estimated Capacity (MB): 10,240.0
                      Pct Util: 6.3
                 Volume Status: Filling
                        Access: Read/Write
        Pct. Reclaimable Space: 35.5
               Scratch Volume?: Yes
               In Error State?: No
      Number of Writable Sides: 1
       Number of Times Mounted: 1
             Write Pass Number: 1
     Approx. Date Last Written: 09/17/04 02:43:24
        Approx. Date Last Read: 09/17/04 01:00:44
           Date Became Pending:
        Number of Write Errors: 0
         Number of Read Errors: 0
               Volume Location:
Last Update by (administrator): REEVES
         Last Update Date/Time: 09/22/04 15:00:41

Thanks for any ideas. (TSM server is running on AIX with a
tape library.)

Nancy Reeves
Technical Support, Wichita State University
 Nancy.Reeves AT wichita DOT edu          316-978-3860

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