Re: Linux Bare Metal Restore

2004-04-29 15:17:08
Subject: Re: Linux Bare Metal Restore
From: Otto Schakenbos <otto.schakenbos AT TELEFLEX DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 20:29:31 +0200
we use a bootable linux cd (a customized "superrescue" cd) with a tsm
client installed.. After booting you create the filesystems by hand
using fdisk and mkyourfavoritefilesystem, mount, then start the restore
from the tsm server. After this is done you have to install the
bootloader and create a proc and dev direcotery where needed.
Works also on different hardware as long a your kernel supports it. (and
if it doesen't just chroot in your restored enviroment and recompile)
Works like a charme for suse, redhat and gentoo sofar.


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Graham Stewart wrote:

We're using MKCDREC  It suits our
purposes (identical Dell Servers running RedHat) well.

It creates an .iso file which can be written to a bootable recovery CD
containing compressed copies of the filesystems you specify.
Filesystems are rebuilt by scripts run during the CD boot.  Lots of
flexibility, but you need to dig around and test to make sure you get
everything you need and to exclude what you don't need  By including the
TSM client directory, TSM can take over the restore once the OS is up
and running.

Graham Stewart

David E Ehresman wrote:

Anyone looking at Cristie BMR for Linux?  If so, what do you think?  If
not, what are you doing for Linux BMR?

David Ehresman
University of Louisville

Graham Stewart
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