Log pinned again - right now!

2004-04-29 15:14:06
Subject: Log pinned again - right now!
From: Roger Deschner <rogerd AT UIC DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 13:04:30 -0500
My log is pinned again, as I type. It's only 38% full, and not filling
up all that quickly, so I have the luxury of time to poke around and
figure out why this is happening. (No steaks on the grill...)

SHOW LOGPIN indicates a Windows XP client backup session that appears to
have been hung for several hours. The session is now 10 hours old, which
is not a good sign, especially since it's only sent 308M of data to the

How do I interpret the rest of the output from SHOW LOGPIN to shed some
light on this situation? What else should I poke around at? At this
point, this is an opportunity, not yet a problem. I know I can solve it
right away by cancelling that session, but that would destroy
potentially interesting evidence as to why this is happening in the
first place.

tsm: ADSM>show logpin
Dirty page Lsn=4938470.13.2836, Last DB backup Lsn=4938535.126.3932, 
Transaction table
Lsn=4933522.134.3562, Running DB backup Lsn=0.0.0, Log truncation 

Lsn=4933522.134.3562, Owner=DB, Length=64
Type=Update, Flags=C2, Action=SetRange, Page=12956843, Tsn=0:630987896, 
UndoNextLsn=0.0.0, UpdtLsn=4933521.25.2002 ===> Start=11775, Count=64
(42) Generating SM Context Report:
(42)  *** no sessions found ***
(89) Generating SM Context Report:
(89)  *** no sessions found ***
(37) Generating SM Context Report:
(37) Session 133453:    Type=Node,   Id=RMF.ADSM1
(37)   Platform=WinNT, NodeId=3133, Owner=
(37)   SessType=4, Index=4, TermReason=0
(37)   RecvWaitTime=0.000  (samples=0)
(37)   Backup  Objects ( bytes )  Inserted: 1961 ( 0.320258135 )
(37)   Backup  Objects ( bytes )  Restored: 0 ( 0.0 )
(37)   Archive Objects ( bytes )  Inserted: 0 ( 0.0 )
(37)   Archive Objects ( bytes ) Retrieved: 0 ( 0.0 )
(37)   Last Verb ( BackInsEnhanced ), Last Verb State ( Recv )

Session 133453 is assoicated with this transaction.
No process assoicated with this transaction can be located.

tsm: ADSM>q session 133453 f=d

              Sess Number: 133,453
             Comm. Method: Tcp/Ip
               Sess State: RecvW
                Wait Time: 0 S
               Bytes Sent: 3.2 K
              Bytes Recvd: 308.0 M
                Sess Type: Node
                 Platform: WinNT
              Client Name: RMF.ADSM1
      Media Access Status:
                User Name:
Date/Time First Data Sent: 04/29/04   02:40:31

Roger Deschner      University of Illinois at Chicago     rogerd AT uic DOT edu
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