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2004-04-29 12:02:26
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From: "Mark D. Rodriguez" <mark AT MDRCONSULT DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 11:00:25 -0500

I might try a different approach. You could just use the MAXSize parameter. You would have to set a couple of admin scripts up that would change your NEXTstgpool so that when you do migration it would point to where you really want to migrate to. The when not migrating, i.e. when backups are wrinting th the storage pool, you could point it at another disk pool. Then all you would need to do is do a q cont on that pool to get the files.
Another more proactive approach would require a software purchase. IBM
Tivoli Storage Resource Manager (ITSRM) is an excellant product that
will do a great deal of things, but in your case it could quite easily
give you a list of all files over 20GB before you even send them to
ITSM. If you have any questions about ITSRM I would be glad to discuss
them with you offline.
Good Luck!

Thomas Rupp, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG wrote:


we use a two-step approach to get this information.
After all data has been backed up and migrated to tape
we check the contents of this tapes.

1) Get a list of tapes used during the last backup.
You should change the start and end time and the names of the
tape storage pools.
2) Scan this tapes for files bigger then x bytes.
You should call skript 2 for every tape listed by skript 1.
Parameter 1: volume number
Parameter 2: Filesize in Bytes

select volume_name as Volume,last_write_date - from volumes where - last_write_date > timestamp(date(current_date-1 day),'19:00:00') and -
last_write_date < timestamp(date(current_date),'10:00:00') and -
stgpool_name in ('TAPEPOOL','TAPEPOOL2','TAPE_TDP')

select node_name as Node, -
filespace_name as Filespace,-
file_name as Filename,-
file_size as Size -
from contents -
where volume_name='$1' and -

Hope this helps
Thomas Rupp

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Betreff: SuperFiles

I have a problem.  I would like to find where some 'extra large' files are
coming from, like what machine, and possibly the path/name.

I notice sometimes in doing a migration etc, that there is a file of over
35G in size.  I would like to find any culprets over say, 20G
in round numbers or so.

Any suggested SQL query or other thing I could use to help find the

( Win2K server with TSM and clients from Novell 4.11, AIX 4.3 to

TIA ... Jack

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