Re: DRM Procedures

2004-04-28 16:18:03
Subject: Re: DRM Procedures
From: David Benigni <dbenigni AT LUTRON DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 16:15:27 -0400

I could run the backup stg more times, that a different idea that I
have not thought about.

After looking at the timing the making the copy pool is very fast.  The
time hog is migrating the disk pool to the primary tape pool.  Now,
besides throwing more drives at this, is there any way to make this
process quicker?

Thanks for the insight.


>>> Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU 4/27/2004 7:18:12 PM >>>

The maxprocess idea is a good one and will help, but yes, you will send
more tapes offsite.

As an alternative, could you run the backup stg process more often, say
two or three times over the night?
Then the last part of the copy will only take a small amount of time
and your window is reduced.



Steve Harris
AIX and TSM Admin
Queensland  HEalth, Brisbane, Australia

>>> dbenigni AT LUTRON DOT COM 27/04/2004 23:35:36 >>>
For our DRM procedures we have a script that runs nightly that does a
backup of all the primary storage pool to our copy pool.  Currently on
daily basis we are taking 1 tape of data and 1 database tape off site.
I would like to reduce the windows which it takes the copy pool to be
created.  I believe by doing the backup with the maxprocess directive
that would allow me to mount more tapes during this process, but this
would increase the number of tapes going off site.  Does this sound
correct to everyone?  TIA for the input.


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