Re: Delete a single file on TSM

2004-04-28 12:31:31
Subject: Re: Delete a single file on TSM
From: "Stapleton, Mark" <mark.stapleton AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 11:25:27 -0500
From: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager on behalf of John Bremer
>run a select * from backups with the required node_name, filespace_name,
>etc to find the object id, then delete object 0 xxxxxxxxx

...and guess what happens if you do this? If everything is copacetic, it 
deletes the object.
And if everything is *not* copacetic? It will corrupt the database and down you 
go If you are lucky, it will go down immediately; if you are not, it may not go 
down for a day or three. And when you call Tivoli support and tell them what 
you did, they'll tell you, "Gee, 'delete object' is an unsupported command, to 
be used only at the direction of Tivoli support. Guess you'll have to restore 
your database from your last good backup. Thanks for playing!" If it's been two 
or three days since the last good db backup you've done, your TSM system is 
good and truly hosed.
Do yourself a favor, Calvin. *Do not* do this. As Mr. Sims commented in an 
earlier posting, stay within the bounds of policies established by your IT 
infrastructure. Deleting a single file pointer from the TSM database isn't 
worth the risk. Why do you want to do this anyway?
Mark Stapleton

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