Re: Delete a single file on TSM

2004-04-28 12:06:18
Subject: Re: Delete a single file on TSM
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:02:40 -0400
>Is there any way to initiate the file deletion from the Server side? Doesn't
>the Expire command only mark the file inactive and depending on the
>management class it goes out and expires it? What I need to do is to delete
>one file both inactive/active from a specific client on an ad-hoc basis
>without any intervention on the clients side.

The Expire command does as you say, which is to nudge a file into inactivity,
so that it has the opportunity to expire out of existence.  You can perform
some actions at the server and client to push a file out, as summarized in
ADSM QuickFacts topic "File Space, delete selected files".

>Is there any way to delete from the TSM server's database itself?

TSM is all about the enterprise, and commitment to policies.  The server
administrator is supposed to play by established rules, and not monkey
with the enterprise's intentions, as exercised on the clients. So there
is no supported method of deleting a storage pool file from the server.
There is a physical database object deletion capability, which is
undocumented and unsupported - for good reason - in that it operates
outside the larger context of logical database structure.  One would use
that at one's risk...and not necessarily know about any logical damage
until perhaps much later.  It is something I would not do.

  Richard Sims

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