Re: Include/exclude in linux

2004-04-27 15:59:49
Subject: Re: Include/exclude in linux
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 15:53:07 -0400
>Hi, Richard:
>I use
>exclude.dir  /home
>but the include didn't work
>I don't know why?

You sure are resisting that Unix Backup-Archive Clients manual...  ;-)
About this, it says:
 "Use exclude.fs and exclude.dir statements to exclude file spaces and all files
  and sub-directories in the specified directory from processing. Tivoli Storage
  Manager evaluates all exclude.fs and exclude.dir statements first (regardless
  of their position within the include-exclude list), and removes the excluded
  file spaces, directories, and files from the list of objects available for
  processing. The exclude.fs and exclude.dir statements override all include
  statements that match the pattern."
 "[TSM then] evaluates the remaining include-exclude list from the bottom up and
  stops when it finds an include or exclude statement that matches the file it 

As I mentioned in my prior posting, the exclude.fs and exclude.dir specs tell
TSM to entirely stay out of those areas.
Your spec is trying to have it both ways, excluding everything and yet
including something. That can't work.

Since you do want to enter that directory, you would want to have like:
  exclude  /home/.../*
  include  /home/andy/.../*
where the exclude, which is seen after the include, omits everything other than
what the preceding include(s) specified to be backed up.

Don't feel bad: Include-exclude processing makes everyone's brain hurt;
and it keeps getting more complex with each new TSM version.
Avail yourself of the 'dsmc query inclexcl' command to help out.

  Richard Sims

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