Antwort: Re: AIX - backup SAP DB2

2004-04-27 10:13:59
Subject: Antwort: Re: AIX - backup SAP DB2
From: Sabine Rettenberger <Sabine.Rettenberger AT WOLF-HEIZTECHNIK DOT DE>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 16:09:31 +0100
Hey Tomas,

i use the root - crontab to start the DB2-Backup on AIX.
It works fine.

Sabine Rettenberger

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Shoudn't you be running the SAP brbackup utility?
This is a bunch of generic scripts and, yes, at the end of it all it boils
down to a db2 backup command, but it is the SAP way to do things.


>>> throuda AT HTD DOT CZ 23/04/2004 18:20:46 >>>
Hi all,

I have problem with running backup of DB2 backup database of SAp system on
AIX. I am not AIX guru so, please, dont shoot me :-)). I have shell script, for online backup of database with this contens:

su - devadm "-c db2 backup db DEV online use tsm"

Backup works fine, when I run script on foreground. At least backup works
fine when I run "dsmc sched" on foreground (under root user) and make
schedule on TSM server to run this script. But backup don't work, when I
scheduler on background with "nohup dsmc schedule 2> /dev/null &" as
described in TSM client user's guide. Script ends with return code 127.
Running script with cron aends with error return code too.

Any advice for one poor, miserable, devasted and bleeding AIX
and cookie-eater?



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