Re: bad performance on web administration tool under ITSM V5.2.2.3

2004-04-25 20:48:08
Subject: Re: bad performance on web administration tool under ITSM V5.2.2.3
From: TSM_User <tsm_user AT YAHOO DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 17:47:09 -0700
At V5.2 there was a new DNS Lookup routine that was added to the TSM server 
code.  This might be your problem.  Simply add "DNSLOOKUP NO" to the 
DSMSERV.OPT file and restart your server.  For more inforamation on this you 
can search for DNSLOOKUP. The document is locked 
so I am adding the text below but the format may not look that great.


Error description
This problem may be reported in two ways:.1) slow initial connection for ITSM 
client sessions with   command line clients - dsmc.exe dsmadmc.exe - after   
upgrade of ITSM server to or higher..2) poor performance with Web 
interfaces after upgrade of   ITSM server to 5.2.x.x..At level of ITSM 
server, additional OS calls wereadded to perform DNS lookups with the 
"gethostbyaddr" call.."gethostbyaddr" is a system call which causes a 
DomainName Serverlookup to occur. A long delay may be caused ifthere are no DNS 
entries for the client system connecting.The client system may be behind a 
firewall (non-routable)or using DHCP without DNS services. This would result 
inthe DNS lookup timing out, which could cause a delay whenconnecting in to 
ITSM server as it waits on the return ofthe gethostbyaddr call..With the Web 
Admin, this call to get DNS information ismade multiple times, so the issue may 
be reported as ageneral performance issue with web interface..To diagnose if 
 this is
 the issue, enable tracing on ITSMserver for "tcpinfo" traceclass and recreate 
the slowinitial connection or poor web admin performance..In the trace look for 
the following lines: tcpcomm.c  859 : tcpQueryAddress: rc 571147392 from 
inet_addr for tcpcomm.c  870 : tcpQueryAddress: rc 0 from 
gethostbyaddr input address (null) output addresses there is a 
sizeable delay before the "gethostbyaddr"call returns in tcpQueryAddress, this 
APAR applies..Customers can verify DNS problems by running "nslookup"command 
against the connecting IP address of the client.This command should be run from 
an OS command prompt on theITSM server system..In above example this would be:  
nslookup Impact: LowAdditional Keywords:GUI tivoli storage 
Local fix
Local Fix: Correct DNS problems/entries causing timeouts on DNS lookupcalls.. 
Disable DNS lookup functions on ITSM Server by adding following to server 
options file (dsmserv.opt) and recycling ITSM Server:   dnslookup no
Problem summary Problem conclusion Temporary fix Comments APAR informationAPAR 
numberIC40022Reported component nameTSM SERVER 510Reported component 
ID5698ISMSVReported release52LStatusOPEN PENoPEHIPERNoHIPERSubmitted 
date2004-03-24Closed dateLast modified date2004-04-10

"Hammer, Ronald A." <rahammer AT INFOCONCEPT DOT COM> wrote:
Hi listers,

I've installed ITSM V5.2.2.3 an have a catastrophically response times
working with the web administration tool on any workstation.

Before we are running V5.2.2.3 we are using V4.x and the web interface
runs fine.

Does anyone have an idea what that can be?

Thanks in advance
Ronald A. Hammer
InfoConcept Germany

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