Re: AIX - backup SAP DB2

2004-04-23 07:08:22
Subject: Re: AIX - backup SAP DB2
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 07:07:49 -0400
>I have problem with running backup of DB2 backup database of SAp system on
>AIX. I am not AIX guru so, please, dont shoot me :-)). I have shell script,
> for online backup of database with this contens:
>su - devadm "-c db2 backup db DEV online use tsm"
>Backup works fine, when I run script on foreground. At least backup works
>fine when I run "dsmc sched" on foreground (under root user) and make
>schedule on TSM server to run this script. But backup don't work, when I run
>scheduler on background with "nohup dsmc schedule 2> /dev/null &" as
>described in TSM client user's guide. Script ends with return code 127.
>Running script with cron aends with error return code too.
>Any advice for one poor, miserable, devasted and bleeding AIX non-specialist
>and cookie-eater?

When executing things as Unix background processes, get into the habit of
diligently redirecting all three standard file descriptors: Stdin, Stdout,
and Stderr.  This eliminates mystery start problems in almost all cases.

   Richard Sims

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