Keeping SAP data longer than expected?

2004-04-23 03:01:59
Subject: Keeping SAP data longer than expected?
From: Robert Fijan <nummer5lebt AT GMX DOT DE>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 09:01:00 +0200
Good Morning.

I have the following question:

We have 2 SAP-Servers that will go out of production and where the hardware
will be used for other things.

We keep our SAP-data for 30 days.

The two servers are out of productoin already, because I received the mail
about this a week after they did this action.

And now the problem is: the sap guys want to keep the data from these two
servers for about 180 days in case of recovery needs.

How can i manage this issue without affecting the other sap servers and the
time they keep their data?

Can i implement a new domain with the same names for all the policies and
managementclasses etc., change the time data is kept to 180 days and move
the two nodes with all their data to this domain? Or how should i manage

Please answer soon, cause i have to do this until tuesday!!

Thank you in advance.

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