Re: TSM AIX system backup

2004-04-22 11:06:18
Subject: Re: TSM AIX system backup
From: Joe Pendergast <JPendergast AT WATSONPHARM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 07:49:38 -0700
1) The sysback bootable CD is only enough information for the system to
boot, and run sysback.  It creates a faster method of booting, while
getting past the 12 megabyte boot limit on the tape.  You would still need
the sysback tape that contains your data.  The bootable CD is equivalent to
the first small section of the tape.

Here is how it works for us:
Insert sysback bootable CD in CD drive, and sysback tape in tape drive.
Boot system, and wait for "keyboard" on splash screen, press 5 (or F5 for
crt's) to trigger default boot list.
CD will boot the system and bring up the sysback menu.
Select the first screen to change the installation device to tape.
(Modify any volume information as needed).
Install system using current settings.

The bootable CD is very generic (two CD's for 27 systems).  I created it
from a system that has the base OS, all (and I do mean all) devices, and
the sysback programs.
The data from the tape is used to recreate your system.

2) I do not use those utilities, so I do not know the answer.  Perhaps
someone else can help there.

3) I did not find any CD-writer that could attach to the IBM systems.  To
create the disk:
Select  "Create a bootable CD/DVD" from the sysback utilities menu.
Select the CD-ROM drive on the system.
Make sure the media type is CD
Set Create CD/DVD now to NO
and press return.
The result is a new filesystem containing an image file.  I copied the
image file to my PC, and renamed it to AIX52.image.  I then used the
software on my PC to convert the image onto the CD.  Most CD writing
software had "image" capabilities.  I reviewed the resulting disk, and
dropped it in my system for a quick test.

4) No need to share the CD as it is only a generic bootable media.  One
disk should cover your many systems (if done right).

CD creation suggestions:
You will need one CD for each level of OS that you are running in your
AIX 4.3.3 requires the CD writer filesets (sysback will tell you if they
are missing).
Some versions of Sysback do not work well when creating disks. (5.4.1 and
5.6.1 are supposedly good levels).
Sometimes Atape drivers are not loaded correctly on the CD, so you may have
to remove Atape from the OS before creating the CD. (uninstall Atape,
createCD, and install Atape.)
Be sure the system you create the CD on has all device filesets installed
(except maybe Atape), so the CD will work on a variety of system and
hardware configurations.

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I'm considering to buy sysback product soon. Here are some questions if you
don't mind..

― How would sysback make bootable CD if it doesn't fit into 1 CD?
― Can I make mksysb and savevg on 1 set of CD? so that I don't even need to
use TSM restore?
― What kind of IBM product do you use as CD writer like external one?
― Can you share CD writer from NIM master for other nim client machine?



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Just a quick clarification:  sysback does not require nim.  I create and
use bootable tapes and CD's with sysback.  They are the core of my DR

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I don't believe TSM has support for mksys
but it does have support for sysback which costs money, and it requires nim
configuration as well.
You could always backup your mksysb image to a disk flat file and backup
that file to tsm, but the problem
there is you use your system image. Unless you use it as the nim server and
configure bootp to use that
file. Just some ideas to play with. For system images though you'd need
sysback I believe.

--Justin Richard Bleistein

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Hi TSMers,

Please could you assist me, how can we do a mksysb backup to tape.....????
My TSM server runs on Windows 2000 server advanced, TSM Server 5.1 We will
be upgrading finally to TSM 5.2 ...

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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