SV: Web client on Netware ANS2613

2004-04-21 11:52:29
Subject: SV: Web client on Netware ANS2613
From: "Hougaard.Flemming FHG" <FHG AT KMD DOT DK>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:51:52 +0200
Hi Joe

When Tivoli/IBM made the NetWare Client 5.2.x and later I presume they
got an "brainfart" ;o) - suddenly you are forced to have a user with
owner privilegies to the account to use the web-interface - I quote: "If
you plan to use a Web client, you must have an administrative user ID
with system privilege, policy privilege, client access authority, or
client owner authority. When a new node is registered, an administrative
user ID is automatically created for the node. By default, this node has
client owner authority."

Butbutbut... I will bet, that you typed in "NONE" as user id when you
created the node right? - that won't do anymore... why? ask Tivoli/IBM -
I did, noone could give me a good answer...

For my own situation... I have about 1000 - 1300 different nodes, which
are strictly separated - so I'm forced to have 1000 - 1300
Administrative ID's on my server... is that clever? Tivoli/IBM think

Another thing... with these administrative rights - the seperate node
can go in and view the activitylog through the commandline... not smart
either - but what can we do ;o)

So create such an account (you can try to use your admin account), and
you will be able to use the webinterface at once...

Best regards


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Fra: Joe Crnjanski [mailto:JCrnjanski AT INFINITYNETWORK DOT COM
Sendt: 20. april 2004 18:19
Emne: Web client on Netware ANS2613

Hi All,

We installed Netware client couple of months ago. During install we
tested restore also. Worked OK.
Now they needed some files and they cannot connect from web GUI to TSM
client on Netware server.
Backup works OK, restore works fine from Netware server (TSM command

When they click on restore in gui, popup window comes up. We put login
and pwd and we got ANS2613S "Protocol error occured in communication
between browser and client". I'm guessing this is a network problem ,
not TSM, but I don't know how to troubleshhot this.

TSM Server on Windows
Netware client

Joe Crnjanski
Infinity Network Solutions Inc.
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