Re: Question about MAC clients

2004-04-21 11:31:41
Subject: Re: Question about MAC clients
From: Remco Post < AT SARA DOT NL>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:30:46 +0200
On Wed, 21 Apr 2004 12:21:43 +0100
Farren Minns <fminns AT WILEY.CO DOT UK> wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm running a client on an OSX Mac server. We seem to be
> having an issue where some directories have not been backed up and I
> can't see any reason why. I have run the BA Client as Administrator,
> so as far as I'm aware it should have access to all files on the
> system. Is this correct? Is there a difference between Administrator
> and Root (seeing as OSX is UNIX based). I come from a Solaris
> background and know nothing about Mac operating systems at all, so I'm
> sorry if my question is either a) little vague or b) down right silly.

I recently upgraded my Mac to 5.2.2, this openes a lot of oppertunities:

1- dsmcad running as a system proces, just like on any normal unix, no
administrator needs to be logged in any more

2- less bugs.

So I'd reccomend you upgrade tot 5.2.2. first, it really helps.

> If anyone else out there has had any problems/issues with the Mac
> client, I would be most grateful to hear of them and any solutions.
> Many thanks in advance
> All the best
> Farren

Met vriendelijke groeten,

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