Re: TDP for ERP (SAP R/3 on Oracle)

2004-04-21 10:27:12
Subject: Re: TDP for ERP (SAP R/3 on Oracle)
From: Joe Pendergast <JPendergast AT WATSONPHARM DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:26:28 -0700
Answer 1.
Depends on your method of backup.  If you are using the RMAN extension of
brbackup, then I believe the anwer would be yes... the RMAN catalog.
By default (using backint) the logs are stored in the sapbackup and saparch
directories.  The summary logs have the names back<SID>.log and
arch<SID>.log respectively.  The detail logs for each backup is also stored
with these files.

Answer 2.
This is a very deep subject.  I will summarize our methods:

First the backup strategy:  We have three levels of backups:  OS boot tape,
Flatfiles backup, ERP database backup.  After each database backup, we run
a flatfiles backup (dsmc i) to capture all the non-database files that have
been updated by the database backup.  The OS backup is performed once per

Disaster Recovery strategy:  First boot the system, and lay down the OS
with the OS tape.  Then restore the entire flatfiles backup (select
"replace"  and "if newer" options).  Since the flatfiles backup included
all the files required for the database restore, it usually goes smoothly.

If for some reason the log files, control files, etc have not restored, we
can restore them from the database backup with:
brrestore ?d util_file ?b2 "#NULL"  ?m
$SAPDATA_HOME/sapbackup/back<SID>.log   (You need to be in the appropriate
(ie sapbackup) directory).
and repeat the above command for the following files (changing to the
appropriate directories as necessary):
      $SAPDATA_HOME/sapbackup/<code timestamp>.<fid>
      $SAPDATA_HOME/saparch/<code timestamp>.<fid>
(Look in the "back<SID>.log" or "arch<SID>.log" to find the proper coded
timestamp file to restore)

The last restore is our database files.  We restore them with:
brrestore ?c ?b <code timestamp>.<fid> -m <type> ?p init<SID>.sap  (type =
full or all depending on the type of backup)
This last step can be run from the sapdba menus if you choose as they offer
more detailed help as you restore.

Hope this helps. Our processes worked as recently as March during on-site
DR tests.

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Hello !
I have two questions,

Has anyone of you know, where TDP for ERP (SAP R/3 on Oracle) saves
informations about backups it made (datafiles, redeologs, versions etc.).
Is it in RMAN Catalog (control file of database) or in some flat files,
which resides in SAP directories.

How can I restore SAP in case of full system crash (Disaster Recovery of
SAP R/3). What informations should I have to restore SAP data from TDP for
ERP module (using SAPDBA tool)?
Thanks for help!

 Best Regards Janusz

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