Flash 10282 has been published

2004-04-20 13:15:49
Subject: Flash 10282 has been published
From: Sam Giallanza <giallanz AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 10:15:14 -0700
TSM Community :

Flash 10282 has been published:

Including the Flash text below :

Abstract: TSM Server can not be restarted after running REPAIR STGVOL
utility in or, if a volume is not
specified when the command is issued.

Problem: The REPAIR STGVOL utility shipped with TSM and TSM
may alter the TSM Server Data Base and prevent
the TSM Server from being able to be restarted.
Who is Affected: TSM servers, on which REPAIR STGVOL has been run without
specifying a volume for the utility to repair.
I.E. if this utility is run without specifying any parameters, then the
symptoms referenced in PQ86959 will be experienced.
TSM Servers affected by this problem will not notice the damage until the
TSM Server is stopped and then attempted to be
restarted, so it is possible to run with the damage to the Data Base for
some time before the problem will be encountered.

The fix for PQ86959 is targeted to be fixed in levels and
of the TSM Server which should be available by
May 24, 2004.


If this utility must be run, a volume MUST be specified. If possible do not
use this utility until the fix for PQ86959 is
available. Here is the information from the APAR;

REPAIR STGVOL utility provided with IC37275 in can
corrupt the server database and prevent the server from being
restarted. If the utility command is entered without specifying
a specific volume it will create an AS.Volume.Status entry for
disk storage pool volumes that will cause abend0C4 during server
ANR9999D Trace-back of called functions:
ANR9999D   0x000000010093D118  AsVolRestart
ANR9999D   0x00000001009281B4  AsInit
ANR9999D   0x0000000100978118  ssInit
ANR9999D   0x0000000100163BD0  admStartServer
ANR9999D   0x0000000100055028  main
ANR9999D   0x00000001000525BC  _start
ANR9999D   0x0000000000000000  *UNKNOWN*
Do not use the REPAIR STGVOL utility
without specifying a volume.
Additional keywords:
Crash dump signal sig 11 segmentation violation
If this problem is encountered a point-in-time(PIT) DB
restore will need to be done to a PIT prior to when the
REPAIR STGVOL command was issued.


Backup and Recovery

AS/400 or IBM eServer iSeries; Cross-Platform; Intel PC; Netfinity or IBM
eServer xSeries; RS/6000 or IBM eServer pSeries;
OS/390 or IBM eServer zSeries
S/W Pillar(s):

OS/400; AIX; HP-UX; Linux; Solaris; OS/2; Windows; MVS; OS/390; VM; z/OS
REPAIR STGVOL, IC37275, database, corrupt, ANR9999D, abend0C4,
AS.Volume.Status, Crash, dump, signa, sig 11,
segmentation violation, server, restarted


Sam J. Giallanza
Tivoli Certified Consultant
Field Issues Manager
Field Input Communications (FIC)
giallanz AT DOT com
520.799.5512 - T/L 321.5512

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