Re: Please help me NOT migrate

2004-04-20 11:45:05
Subject: Re: Please help me NOT migrate
From: Ben Bullock <bbullock AT MICRON DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 09:44:33 -0600
        Ahh, the politics, we all get it. I'm in a very similar boat as
you are

        I too am getting "encouragement" to move our 8 TSM servers from
AIX to anything else. My first choice would be to keep with the IBM
PSeries hardware and run Linux on it, but management also seems to want
the IBM hardware gone.

        Some folks keep suggesting a Windows platform, but I resist. My
personal opinion is that the typical Wintel platforms just can't do the
I/O necessary to run multiple GB interfaces and 14 fibrechannel drives.
I'm sure others in this group will rebuff my opinion, flame away :-)

        I'm a Unix admin, so I lean towards some other flavor of *nix.
Once again, since we run most of our Linux hosts on Intel platforms &
I'm not confident about the I/O ability, therefore I lean towards
Solaris. We have some experience with Solaris TSM servers as I set up 2
remote sites. They seem to work OK, but they are not very large


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Subject: Please help me NOT migrate


Please help me NOT migrate the server to a different platform from AIX.

4way P660, 3G memory running AIX 5.1
3494 with 6 FC 3590E tape drives connected to 2 SAN switches 90G
database at 60% utilized on a Shark 24T of backup data 2600 3590E tapes
460 clients: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX

There has been a change in management, and to put it mildly, certain
people do not like IXX and want to see it out of the machine room. I
have to put in a strong argument on why TSM has to run on AIX.  The two
platforms I am offered are Linux and Solaris.  Management wants to keep
the 3494 and all its tapes because of the sunk cost.

I have been running ADSM/TSM/ITSM v2/v3/v4/v5 for the past 8 years on a
J30 and then the P660 and am perfectly happy with TSM on AIX.  The two
IBM CEs who work on our hardware are wonderful.  Migrating to a
different platform is going to be a nightmare.  How long will backup be
down to export/import 460 clients with 24T of data?

Realistically, I know I can only stall it for 2 more years.  After we
outgrow the P660, the new hardware we buy will run either Solaris or
Linux. What is your experience with TSM server running on either one?

Thanks in advance,
Eliza Lau
Virginia Tech Computing Center
Blacksburg, VA