Re: Web admin client won't load

2004-04-18 08:01:17
Subject: Re: Web admin client won't load
From: Laurent Bendavid <bendavid.laurent AT FREE DOT FR>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 14:01:00 +0200
Which web browser do you use ? The web admin interface need support of

Test your connection on your aix server, if you could launch a web browser.

You could test your connection with telnet <your server> 1580 to see if
you get a response

Youl could log on your server and do the command netstat -a -f inet
|grep 1580 to see if your tsm web server is running

Have you tested you connection with :

   * Set your dsm.opt and dsm.sys for the ITSM client running on your
   * set export DSM_CONFIG=/<your install path>/dsm.opt
   * dsmadmc -id=admin -pa=<password> query status

Nancy Reeves wrote:

I just installed TSM on AIX.  I ran the command in the Quick Start
guide to set up the web admin interface.

My AIX admin has the server locked down really tight. She has opened up
port 1580 at my request, but I still can't load the web admin page.

Any ideas?

Nancy Reeves
Technical Support, Wichita State University
Nancy.Reeves AT wichita DOT edu          316-978-3860

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