Delete obsolete directories only?

2004-04-16 13:50:42
Subject: Delete obsolete directories only?
From: Tab Trepagnier <Tab.Trepagnier AT LAITRAM DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:46:38 -0500
TSM Server on AIX; TSM Client on Windows 2000

I have a situation where over time, the location of data on our network
has moved from server to server.  In many cases we moved the identity of
the first server to the second server, but the data paths were not
duplicated exactly.  For example,


where "current_root_path" and "old_root_path" are peers under the same
"d$" parent.

Because the "old_root_path" became invalid on the first backup of the new
server, all the data under it was marked inactive by TSM.  No problem
Once the RetOnly duration elapsed, all the FILES were purged from that
path.  Again, no problem there.

But the directories were retained, probably because they were bound to "no
limit" permanent management classes prior to our implementing DIRMC
controls.  Meaning those directories will live for the duration of the
server's identity or our TSM system, whichever ends first.
Those duplicate paths confuse our Help Desk.  I would like to delete just
the contents under "old_root_path" since there are no files under that
path.  But because both root paths are under the same filespace, I can't
delete the filespace.  I turned on the permission "node can delete
backups" but that still didn't let me kill that directory tree.

So, is there a way to kill the directory tree under "old_root_path" other
than killing the entire filespace?


Tab Trepagnier
TSM Administrator
Laitram, L.L.C.

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