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2004-04-15 10:26:54
Subject: Re: Management Classes
From: Andrew Raibeck <storman AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 07:24:10 -0600
Why not define admin schedules that change the default management class
prior to the scheduled backup (create server macros that run ASSIGN
DEFMGMTCLASS followed by ACTIVATE POLICYSET, then schedule the macros)?

If that does not provide sufficient granularity, then it would help to
have more specific information on what you wish to do, and, just as
important, why. Normally I would recommend against flip-flopping
management classes in this fashion, at least not without knowing a lot
more about your scenario.



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Management Classes

I have looked everywhere but been unable to find a solution to my needs.
I have am running the TSM server 5.1.8 and I have one policy domain with
several management classes. There is a default class that data goes to
but I want the data from selected schedules to go to a separate
management class, and in turn a separate tape pool. Both this and the
default MC are incremental backups.

Are there any options I should be employing the use of?

Many thanks in advance,

Sam Rudland

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