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2004-04-13 11:43:33
Subject: Re: Server IP controls
From: "Johnson, Milton" <milton.johnson AT CITIGROUP DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 11:42:40 -0400

According to RFC 1918, the following are private, non-routed subnets: -> -> ->  

Being non-routed you cannot connect from to
unless you have a connection to the same physical subnet as  We use a private, non-routed subnet for our clients, but
the clients are required a second NIC connected to the private,
non-routed subnet.

H. Milton Johnson
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Subject: Server IP controls

Recently, we have been reconfiguring/locking down a lot of the TCPIP
ports in use by the TSM servers and clients, attempting to control/route
TSM traffic across a private subnet versus the more heavily used public

However, we have been having some TSM scheduler communications, due to
port blocking issues. I am trying to figure out if/how the TSM server
can be configured to control which of its 2-IP connections it uses to
communicate with the clients.

Here is my configuration:

TSM AIX server.  2-IP connections,
(primary/public) and (private).

The TSM client in question only has 1-IP connection,
DSM.SYS (AIX) points to the server via DNS name that resolves to

My networking person says the traffic is flowing across the 6.201
connection, not the 20.44 private connection.

How, if possible, can I get the TSM server to use the private 20.44
connection to perform the backups ?  Is there some server setting that
can control this ?

We are trying to get another connection to the client, using the private
subnet. Unfortunately, there aren't any available ports in the switch,
at this time. Yes, I know that when I get the other port in the client,
I can use the TCPNODEADDRESS options to control this.

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