Re: Backing up Zenworks and NW Cluster question

2004-04-12 22:22:38
Subject: Re: Backing up Zenworks and NW Cluster question
From: Steve Harris <Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:21:10 +1000
Hi Shannon,

We were backing up Zenworks data, this was just an oracle data base on a Sun 
server.  But we were told to stop doing this because in the case of a failure 
they'll just recreate an empty databse and zenworks will re-populate it.

I'm not sure about any Zenworks server components.  That wasn't part of the 
equation. Our desktop people don't trust us and backup their own wintel and 
Novell servers with an  inferior backup product.

Steve Harris
AIX and TSM Admin
Queensland Health, Brisbane Australia

>>> SBach AT MGE DOT COM 13/04/2004 3:34:22 >>>
ITSM Server  5.1.7 on  MVS OS/390 2.10
Clients will be;
NW Cluster 6.5

1.  Does anyone on this list back up Zenworks with ITSM?  Can you lead me
to some documentation to figure out the best way to set this up?  I have
not been able to find much on the Tivoli or Zenworks site.

2.  Can someone with experience backing up a Netware cluster explain how
the TSM Security part of it works?   If we were migrating
7 Novell Netware Servers into a NW Cluster, my understanding is that all 7
of the old nodes data will reside on the Cluster_data, the different nodes 
applications on the
Cluster_Apps etc.  So there could be 7 different departments having their
own directory under the Cluster_Data.

Here is my question;
If a user from New_node2_datadir wanted to restore a file from Old_node2
to New_node2_data, what is to keep this person from also being able to
restore Old_node4's data to New_node2_data also?

I've tried to make as simple as possible, hope it works.
Thanks in advance,

Shannon Bach
Madison Gas & Electric Co.
Operations Analyst - Data Center Services
Office 608-252-7260
Fax 608-252-7098
e-mail sbach AT mge DOT com

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