Backing up Zenworks and NW Cluster question

2004-04-12 13:32:12
Subject: Backing up Zenworks and NW Cluster question
From: Shannon Bach <SBach AT MGE DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:34:22 -0500

ITSM Server  5.1.7 on  MVS OS/390 2.10
Clients will be;
NW Cluster 6.5

1.  Does anyone on this list back up Zenworks with ITSM?  Can you lead me to some documentation to figure out the best way to set this up?  I have not been able to find much on the Tivoli or Zenworks site.

2.  Can someone with experience backing up a Netware cluster explain how the TSM Security part of it works?   If we were migrating
7 Novell Netware Servers into a NW Cluster, my understanding is that all 7 of the old nodes data will reside on the Cluster_data, the different nodes applications on the Cluster_Apps etc.  So there could be 7 different departments having their own directory under the Cluster_Data.  

Here is my question;
If a user from New_node2_datadir wanted to restore a file from Old_node2 to New_node2_data, what is to keep this person from also being able to restore Old_node4's data to New_node2_data also?  

I've tried to make as simple as possible, hope it works.
Thanks in advance,

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