Re: Files Marked Damaged by Audit Volume

2004-04-08 17:28:49
Subject: Re: Files Marked Damaged by Audit Volume
From: Andrew Raibeck <storman AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 15:28:25 -0600
Hi Andy,

When a volume is audited with FIX=NO, damaged files are marked as such,
but not deleted. In this case, damaged files are not automatically
eligible for backup again just by virtue of being damaged. Consider the
possibility that the "damage" could be temporary, such as if the drive on
which the audit was performed was dirty; and that once the drive is
cleaned, another audit will show the file as being fine.

When a volume is audited with FIX=YES, then the damaged files will be
deleted. If the damaged file is deleted AND it is the active version, then
it will be eligible for backup the next time the client backup runs. If
the damaged file is an INACTIVE version, then that by itself will not
trigger another backup of the file (but of course the file could be backed
up again if it has changed on the client system since the last time the
file was backed up).



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Files Marked Damaged by Audit Volume

If an active file is marked damaged by audit volume, is the file backed
up at the next opportunity?

We have a situation where at least one tape that had undiscovered
damaged files was copied to a copypool tape.  Those files are not
recoverable at this time.  We are contemplating a full audit on all the
volumes in the onsite pool, but need to know if the files marked damaged
will be backed up again.

Thanks for any info.

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