Backup completion / BACKUP_END on network FileSpaces?

2004-04-08 10:57:31
Subject: Backup completion / BACKUP_END on network FileSpaces?
From: Ted Byrne <ted.byrne AT ADELPHIA DOT NET>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 10:55:04 -0500
We have two customers that back up remote drives.  One client was recently
upgraded to version (from 4.x)  and the other is running at  Both clients are Win2K servers.

On the client that was upgraded, the backup_end field (Backup Completion
date/time) for that filespace has not changed since the client upgrade took
place(03/08).  Prior to the upgrade, the completion date/time was updated
with each backup.

On the client that has been at, there is no backup completion
date/time showing for the network filespace.

On both clients, messages indicating that the Filespace backup has
completed are logged in dsmsched.log
       04/07/2004 02:07:28 Successful incremental backup of '\\getback\q$\*'
       04/08/2004 07:47:50 Successful incremental backup of '\\gwise99\gwise\*'

Is this a known bug (or WAD behavior) in the 5.x clients?  I've searched
the APAR database, Richard's ADSM QuickFacts and, but have not
come up with a hit.  It's always possible that I may not be using the right
search terms to get a match.

Thanks in advance,