Problem backing up a NAS box

2004-04-08 06:36:37
Subject: Problem backing up a NAS box
From: Copperfield Adams <Copperfield.Adams AT WWAVRC.CO DOT UK>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 11:30:41 +0100

I have a NAS device that I have been backing up successfully with TSM. Just 
recently I have noticed that when I issue 'Q EVE * * BEGIND=-1' that the device 
has been 'Missed'.
If I look at the dsmerr.log I get the following output:

05-04-2004 12:30:29 ConsoleEventHandler(): Caught Ctrl-C console event .
05-04-2004 12:30:29 ConsoleEventHandler(): Cleaning up and terminating Process 

And the dsmsched.log looks like this:

05-04-2004 12:30:39 Querying server for next scheduled event.
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Node Name: LNASSVR1
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Session established with server LBAKSVR1: Windows
05-04-2004 12:30:39   Server Version 5, Release 1, Level 6.3
05-04-2004 12:30:39   Server date/time: 05-04-2004 12:22:18  Last access: 
05-04-2004 12:22:18

05-04-2004 12:30:39 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY BEGIN
05-04-2004 12:30:39 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY END
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Next operation scheduled:
05-04-2004 12:30:39 ------------------------------------------------------------
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Schedule Name:         GROUPWISE
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Action:                Incremental
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Objects:               
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Options:               
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Server Window Start:   22:30:00 on 05-04-2004
05-04-2004 12:30:39 ------------------------------------------------------------
05-04-2004 12:30:39 Waiting to be contacted by the server.

If I query the current sessions with 'Q SESS' I get the following:

  Sess Comm.  Sess     Wait   Bytes   Bytes Sess  Platform Client Name         
Number Method State    Time    Sent   Recvd Type           
------ ------ ------ ------ ------- ------- ----- -------- --------------------
 6,461 Tcp/Ip Run      0 S  535.8 M  26.1 K Node  WinNT    LNASSVR1  

I'm not sure how long this session has been open but no matter how many times I 
input 'CAN SESS 6461' it will not cancel. - Is this the cause of my problem?
Does anyone know what the entry in the dsmerr.log means? If I clear the 
dsmerr.log and dsmsched.log and then stop and start the 'TSM Scheduler' and TSM 
Client Acceptor' services I get the same entries...?

Many thanks for your attention on this and also the last post I made on freeing 
up slots in a 3583 library.

Regards, C Adams.

C. Adams
IT Support Analyst
WRC Holdings Limited
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