Restoring a Win2k server

2004-04-07 16:32:53
Subject: Restoring a Win2k server
From: "Dearman, Richard" <rdearm1 AT UIC DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 15:32:18 -0500
I'm running TSM 5.2.2 on Aix and I have a client that is a Win2k server
which we use as a print server.  I tried a test restore by just building a
win2k server and loading TSM client 5.2 on it and restoring from a backup
set.  I did a backup of the original print server first including system
objects before I tried restoring to the test server.  They both are the same
hardware but when the restore complete I rebooted the server and now the
keyboard and mouse won't work.

Basically,  does anyone have a good method of restoring a Win2k os.  I know
that an os restore is possible with win2003 and xp but what about win2k.
The documentation seems to be very simple on this subject.


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