Re: Deletd files question

2004-04-07 04:58:14
Subject: Re: Deletd files question
From: "Purushotham, Vivek" <Vivek.Purushotham AT TRAVELEX DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 09:57:34 +0100

Due to archive being different from incremental backup , a monthend archive
will only backup up data existing on that particular day.

Hence TSM would not know of any files deleted in between the archives


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From: Henrik Hansson [mailto:henrik_hansson AT ALBINT DOT COM]
Sent: 07 April 2004 14:22
Subject: Deletd files question

hi fellow tsm'er

I've a question regarding the archive part of tsm and how it treat deleted

I've got the following settings for my backup mgmt class

 Versions Data Exists                                 28               
 Versions Data Deleted                                1                
 Retain Extra Versions                                28               
 Retain Only Version                                  28               
 Copy Mode                                            MODIFIED         

Lets say a user creates a file the day after a monthly archive is done. 31
of March
5 days later the user delete the file again. 5:ths of April
A new monthly archive is run on 30:th of April
The user comes back and want the delted file back on the 10:th of May.
Is that possible ?

As we keep one copy of deleted files in the backup and keep it for 28 days.
Does that mean that when we do an Archive do the archive also store the
deleted files within the 28 days or not.

My gut feeling is that the archive doesen't and that the file is gone.

Med Vänlig Hälsning/ Best Regards
Henrik Hansson
Albany Doors Systems
IS Department

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