Options when a 2 process backup stg from script has 1 process die

2004-04-06 13:57:31
Subject: Options when a 2 process backup stg from script has 1 process die
From: "Ballard, Danielle" <DBallard AT ARDC.MERCY DOT NET>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 12:56:24 -0500
I have a script that starts a 2 process backup stg on my disk to tapepool.
Sometimes a deadlock will happen and one of the processes will die.  It
takes too long to complete the backup with only 1 process running.   Since
the backup stg command is inside a script, if I cancel the last running
backup stg process the next commands in the script fire.  I have to cancel
these until the script completes and then restart the script.  This script
is similar to many I have seen posted.  It runs all the daily processing  -
backup stg on the pools, move drm, backup db, etc.  lots of steps I want to
keep in sequence.

Is there a way to cancel a whole script maybe?
Is there anyway to start another backup stg process when one is already

Are there any other options I am missing?

Any suggestions appreciated.

> Thank you,
>   Danielle C. Ballard
> AIX Administrator
> Mercy Information Services
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> Pager: 479-415-2310
> Email: dballard AT ardc.mercy DOT net
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