Re: Directory storage pools

2004-04-06 00:18:29
Subject: Re: Directory storage pools
From: Andrew Raibeck <storman AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 22:10:39 -0600
TSM's selection for default directory management class for backup isn't
quite that sophisticated: it picks the management class whose backup copy
group has the longest RETONLY setting. In the case where there is a tie,
the management class whose name is highest in collating sequence gets
picked. The number of versions kept is not a factor.

Thus one "gotcha" to watch out for with the current selection method is
that the default management class could end up going to tape (this has
come up in the past on ADSM-L).



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Re: Directory storage pools

For me, when you backup file tree, all files are backed using your
Management Definition in your include/exclude list,
but directories use DIRMC as Management Class automatically. If you
don't have a DIRMC option,
TSM select the "best" Management Class to backup directories, i.e.
Management Class with the longest retention and the greatest version
number in your Policy Set.

This way is important, if you want to restore a file with its sub
directories in every condition.

Dan Foster wrote:

>As per the TSM redbook at:
>It suggests use of DISKDIRS and OFFDIRS to store directory information
>to avoid restore-time directory reconstruction hits.
>Everything makes sense, including the need to explicitly bind all
>directories on a client to the DISKDIRS management class with DIRMC.
>The next question is... *how* do you select ONLY directories for this
>management class without selecting any files within them, in dsm.opt?
>(Server is on AIX and clients are on Windows, Linux,
>Solaris, and AIX.)
>I had also checked the TSM 5.1.5 UNIX client reference from:
>...and read through everything referencing include, exclude, dirmc, but
>it's still not obvious to me how to select only directory data for use
>with DIRMC DISKDIRS. I see there's a dirsonly keyword, but how to use it
>within context of dsm.opt?
>        include / -dirsonly -dirmc diskdirs

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