Re: Get rid of damaged files?

2004-04-05 19:22:37
Subject: Re: Get rid of damaged files?
From: "Coats, Jack" <Jack.Coats AT BANKSTERLING DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 18:22:14 -0500
If the volume is otherwise empty, you can do a 'delete vol VOLUMENAME
When you do this, there is no return, so recover all you can first.  I have
this problem
on occasion because I have some LTO-1 media that has either aged, or is bad
out of the box.

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> From: David Soucy [SMTP:dsoucy AT DIGITAS DOT COM]
> Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 5:20 PM
> Subject:      Get rid of damaged files?
> After migrating our entire datastore from DLT to LTO2, I have discovered
> a bunch of damaged files that did not migrate to their new storage pool
> cleanly. (It's possible they may have been damaged already)
> I started getting these errors, which I'd never seen before:
> ANR1330E The server has detected possible corruption in an object being
> restored or moved. The actual values for the incorrect frame are: magic
> 53454652 hdr version 0002 hdr length  0032 sequence number 00000003 data
> length 0003FFE0 server id 00000000 segment id 0000000061393938 crc
> 00000000.
> ANR1331E Invalid frame detected.  Expected magic 53454652 sequence
> number 00000003 server id 00000000 segment id 0000000061459474.
> So I started doing some 'audit vol xxx FIX=YES' on the volumes that were
> mounted at the time I was getting these errors and then retrying the
> 'backup stg' operation again.  This cleared up all but one of the
> ANR1330E and ANR1331E errors.  Now it just skips the files and continues
> on.
> I get the ANR1330E and ANR1331E only once, on a volume that I've audited
> at least two or three times with the FIX=YES option.  It seems to me
> that there's a file that can't be fixed, or even identified.
> What's going on here?  I probably don't care about that file either,
> can't I just delete it somehow?
> -ds

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