Restoring data after deleting a volume

2004-04-05 10:57:22
Subject: Restoring data after deleting a volume
From: Mike Bantz <mbantz AT RSINC DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 08:57:15 -0600
So I've got a volume that got all sorts of messed up somehow, one that
resides in my tapepool. I've tried moving the data from it with no luck -
too many errors. Since I should have a copy of this in the copy pool, I
should be all set. So I'm going to delete the volume with discarddata=yes
and make sure I've got the data from the copypool mirrored back onto the
tapepool (onto a new tape somewhere).

Question is, how do I do that? As in syntax? I can't just be "restore vol
00035-L1" or something that simple, right?

Thanks in advance...

Mike Bantz
Systems Administrator
Research Systems, Inc

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