Multithreaded session writes on tape although primary pool is on disk ...

2004-04-05 08:24:58
Subject: Multithreaded session writes on tape although primary pool is on disk ...
From: PAC Brion Arnaud <Arnaud.Brion AT PANALPINA DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 14:24:45 +0200
Hi all,
I have an AIX client (, TSM server at, which needs to
backup it's files as fast as possible, therefore I modified it's dsm.sys
to give it "Resouceutilization 10". On TSM server this node has "max
mount points  2", and belongs a domain where primary pool (called
diskpool_aix) is on disk. This diskpool has a next storage pool called
"tapelto1_aix" which is collocated, and has no max size threshold.
Since I increased this resourceutilization parameter, it looks like the
client regularly sends it's backups directly to tapelto1_aix, even
initiating two parallel tape mounts, without going thru diskpool ...

Activity log looks like this (node name hidden for security reasons):
Date/Time Message --------------------
04/05/04 02:04:48 ANR0406I Session 419574 started for node XXXXX (AIX) (
Tcp/Ip XXXXX (50490)). (SESSION: 419 574) 
04/05/04 02:19:28 ANR8337I LTO volume 000215 mounted in drive LTO1DR6
(/dev /rmt6). (SESSION: 419574) 04/05/04 02:19:43 ANR0511I Session
419574 opened output volume 000215. (SES SION: 419574) 
04/05/04 02:04:52 ANR0406I Session 419575 started for node XXXXX (AIX) (
Tcp/Ip XXXXX (50491)). (SESSION: 419 575) 
04/05/04 02:21:06 ANR8337I LTO volume 000217 mounted in drive LTO1DR4
(/dev /rmt4). (SESSION: 419575) 04/05/04 02:21:17 ANR0511I Session
419575 opened output volume 000217. (SES SION: 419575)
Off course this is not really what I intended to get : I now have a node
monopolizing several tapes with very low occupation, that can't even be
reclaimed ...
Nothing special noticeable at the same time, except that a migration
happenend for this disk pool approximatively 20 minutes later, so it was
quiet full. Could that be a reson for such a behaviour ? Any other
explanations, ideas ?!
Thanks in advance !

Arnaud Brion

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