Re: getting files from another AIX node

2004-04-02 15:24:00
Subject: Re: getting files from another AIX node
From: Ben Bullock <bbullock AT MICRON DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 13:23:34 -0700
        This is one of the many ways you can do this "cross-client"

        When you use the "-fromenode" option, you first need to go to
the host that originally backed up the data and run a "set access"
command. Basically, you are telling TSM that this node has access to the

        The command is something like this. "dsmc set access
'/BACKUPS/*' OTHERHOST" (This might not be ~quite~ the right syntax.)

        The other way to do it would be to create a new administrator on
your TSM server, like "DBA". You can then grant that admin user access
to see the data on the certain hosts or even on whole domains. 
        i.e. "grant auth dba domain=blabla_domain class=node auth=owner"

        The second method is more risky, because you have now given that
administrator access to restore ~any~ file from that host. Where as the
first method, you can be very selective and specifically define what
data you want that other host to be able to see.

        It all depends if you want to use a scalpel or a sledge-hammer.
A scalpel is great but takes a more time to maintain as file locations
and host configurations change. The sledgehammer is a "do it once and
walk away" kind of thing.

        In our environment we use a little of both of these approaches
depending on the type of data on the client.


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Subject: getting files from another AIX node

I had a request from a DBA to restore the install data for oracle from
one AIX node to another. On Windows I have  used the virtualnode option
with success, but on AIX the manual says use the fromnode option.

It seems to go but then says it can't find any files as a result of the
query, yet the files are backed up on the source AIX node. Anyone ever
do anything similar?

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