Drive in DOMAIN, but not backed up

2004-04-02 13:44:03
Subject: Drive in DOMAIN, but not backed up
From: Bill Boyer <bill.boyer AT VERIZON DOT NET>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 13:43:35 -0500
TSM Server on Windows 2000
TSM Client on Windows 2000

This client has a preschedule command to mount a filesystem. It's actually a
SNAPDRIVE on a Netapp appliance. The script runs CC=0 and is supposed to
mount the drive as Q:. The DSM.OPT file specifies DOMAIN Q:, but the last
incremental backup of that filesystem is listed as 3/8/04.

I thought that if you specified a domain and it wasn't available, you would
get an error on the backup?

There are no messages in the dsmerror.log file, and it's running with -QUIET
so there's not much in the DSMSCHED.LOG. I have changed it to run -VERBOSE
to see exactly what is being backed up.

Bill Boyer
"Experience is a comb that nature gives us after we go bald." - ??

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