Re: GroupWise backup

2004-04-02 11:41:23
Subject: Re: GroupWise backup
From: Neil Bowen <Neil.Bowen AT OFCOM.ORG DOT UK>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 17:25:20 +0100
Just my two pennorth. I just used to back up my servers as-is without shutting 
down. Initially I ran a ManageWise graph on disk IO to pick a quiet period 
after the nightly GW maintenance which defasults to midnight. I've always been 
able to restore our POs and extract deleted mails and restore deleted mailboxes 
by restoring the Domain from the same backup, changing the access to Direct and 
accessing the user's mailbox. Never had any problems once I got the quiet 
period. The largest PO was 35GB 

I suggest that you check it out - it just might work!

Now we're on Exchange. I leave the rest to your imagination!


Neil Bowen
Ofcom Server Team
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Subject: SV: GroupWise backup

Hi all

First of all... Kevin - have you ever restored anything???? You will most 
likely fail.... you can't backup Post Offices online! There is a reason to the 
fact, that Novell implemented GWTSA.NLM.

It's possible to backup the domain... correct! Solution stated by Novell is to 
use the DBBACKUP.EXE - only drawback on this, is the workstation needed to use 

There is a OFM from StBernard... Novell won't recommend it (we have some 
problem for the time being), and StBernard and Novell can't seem to agree to 
which files is neccessary to back up... I'll keep you posted!

In fact.... IBM/Tivoli could make a whole lot of campers happy if the pulled 
their thumbs out of their behind and implemented support for GWTSA.NLM!!!


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Fra: Kevin Kinder [mailto:Admin AT GWMAIL.STATE.WV DOT US]
Sendt: 1. april 2004 18:44
Emne: Re: GroupWise backup

You don't have to shut down GroupWise to back it up.  We back up about 15 
GroupWise servers, and you don't have to do anything to back up user databases, 
POs. Domains, or anything.

>>> JCrnjanski AT INFINITYNETWORK DOT COM 4/1/04 11:20:51 AM >>>

Hi Everybody,

I have a potential customer with Novell GroupWise.

Is there TDP for GroupWise (I guess there isn't; I couldn't find it)
Only solution that I can think of is by using Presched and Postsched commands 
to stop and start GroupWise agents.

Is there any other way to backup GroupWise (hot-online backup); I don't like 
the idea of shutting down e-mail system in the middle of the night, and than 
pray that after postsched command it will wake up again.

Joe Crnjanski
Infinity Network Solutions Inc.
Phone: 416-235-0931 x26
Fax:     416-235-0265


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