Re: tsm and old nodes

2004-04-02 09:22:44
Subject: Re: tsm and old nodes
From: Shannon Bach <SBach AT MGE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:10:55 -0600

TSM Server5.1.7 on OS/390 2.10

I was told long ago that if you have not used a Node in 30 days, it no longer uses a license.  For our system we have to buy our node licenses in groups of 10, even if we only need 1 or 2.  This works for us because there are always licenses available when a client needs to be added.  When there gets to be only 2 or 3 left available, I then order 10 more licenses.  When I do a Q LICENSE I get the following result;

Number of Managed System for LAN in use: 54
Number of Managed System for LAN licensed: 61
                Server License Compliance: Valid  

Of the 61 licensed, there are actually 60 Nodes but 6 of those are no longer working nodes.   Either the Client Server no longer exists or has been replaced.  I keep the old Nodes for different retentions, depending on the old client server's functions, department etc..  If we ever did need to restore from an old Node(old files) the files are still there.  Seven years ago I had to keep all of the old Nodes until the data actually expired, but now when a client server is replaced most of the data goes to the new server.  As a result I no longer have to retain the old files(nodes) as long.  A lot of it depends on auditor requirements and our company file retention standards.  But the gist of it is, if you no longer backup or actively use a node, after 30 days that license can be used by a new client.  I don't know how this works for other platforms, the TSM MVS Server is a whole different ball game compa red to anything else.  Hope this helps a little.

Shannon Bach
Madison Gas & Electric Co.
Operations Analyst - Data Center Services
e-mail sbach AT mge DOT com
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