Re: TSM and Windows 2003 server- Active Directory and system state backups

2004-04-01 15:30:23
Subject: Re: TSM and Windows 2003 server- Active Directory and system state backups
From: TSM_User <tsm_user AT YAHOO DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 12:29:28 -0800
I agree with Mark about reading the manual.  There is actually a section that 
specifically talks about Windows 2003.  Check the latest manual for the section 
called "Backing up your data" look for the subsection called "Backing up 
Windows 2003 systemstate and system services". There is a page and a half of 
really good information there.

If you had been backing up Windows 2000 then you aware that TSM referred to the 
"system objects".  With Windows 2003 they split everything into 2 groups 
"System State and System Services".   The page I referred to above details what 
is included with each.

Some of us have made sure to use the old "include.systemobject" statement in 
the dsm.opt file to ensure our system data is bound to a specific mgmt class.  
You should know that Windows 2003 now uses "include.systemstate" instead and it 
will ignore include.systemobject.

One nice thing from a TSM admin point of view is that the objects under 
system32 are not backed up only if something has changed.  It sounds like if 
one file changes then it is all backed up but at least it doesn't backup 
everything every day if it doesn't need to.  Remember system32 really only 
changes when new software is installed.

We are backing up a number of Windows 2003 servers.  I have recovered using the 
TSM backup of the system state to both similar and dissimilar hardware without 
any issues.  Of course you should run some tests in your environment but so far 
I haven't seen any posts about TSM not restoring the system state correctly.

"Stapleton, Mark" <stapleto AT BERBEE DOT COM> wrote:
From: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager [mailto:ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU] On Behalf Of
Bill Fitzgerald
>I have 4 new clients coming on line soon that are Windows 2003 server
>that have Active Directory installed on them.
>I have been asked by my MS team if there is anything we need to do from
>the point of view of the TSM client options file or anything else to
>make sure that we get a good clean copy of the servers.

As long as both client and server are at 5.2 levels, you're good to go.

There are some things you should keep in mind if a new TSM client is a
domain controller and you're doing a full restore of it, but that's
covered in the manuals. RTFM.

Mark Stapleton

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