Re: GroupWise backup

2004-04-01 11:55:47
Subject: Re: GroupWise backup
From: Cory Heikel <cheikel AT PSU DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 11:50:04 -0500
We use OFM from St. Bernard Software. This will allow you to leave the agents 
up and running.


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>>> hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM 04/01/04 11:47AM >>>

There is not a Data Protection client for Groupwise,
however, take a look at the GWBackup tool available from Novell:




"ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU> wrote on 04/01/2004
11:20:51 AM:

> Hi Everybody,
> I have a potential customer with Novell GroupWise.
> Is there TDP for GroupWise (I guess there isn't; I couldn't find it)
> Only solution that I can think of is by using Presched and Postsched
> commands to stop and start GroupWise agents.
> Is there any other way to backup GroupWise (hot-online backup); I
> don't like the idea of shutting down e-mail system in the middle of
> the night, and than pray that after postsched command it will wake up
> Joe Crnjanski
> Infinity Network Solutions Inc.
> Phone: 416-235-0931 x26
> Fax:     416-235-0265
> Web: 

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