Re: Moving TSM Tapes from One Tape Management System to Another

2002-11-26 13:40:24
Subject: Re: Moving TSM Tapes from One Tape Management System to Another
From: Shannon Bach <SBach AT MGE DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:39:37 -0600
Who ever told you it is not possible for TSM to have access to two tape
management systems is wrong.  We have a Memorex ATL that uses 3490 carts
with LMS as it's Tape Manager.  We recently added a Magstar 3494 that uses
3590 carts with CA-1 as it's Tape Manager.  We are an MVS/OS390 2.10 TSM
server.  Right now I have both defined in TSM, the archives go to the
Memorex, while Backups(collocation shut-off) & Offsites go to the Magstar
to take advantage of the bigger size tapes.  You just define a new storage
pool with a different device type, in my instance the archive device type
is CARTRIDGE(old) while the Magstar is CART3590(new).  I did have to 'move'
data from the (old) Backups in the old ATL to the tapes in the new MAGSTAR
and then the offsite copy just picked up that data as I moved it.  When I
did an Offsite copy each day I first copied the DISKPOOL, then NEWBACKCART,
then OLDBACKCART until all the data was moved.  When the data was all moved
there was no longer a OLDBACKCART, I was able to delete the old OFFSITE as
all the data from both ATL's was now in the new OFFSITE and I still leave
the ARCHIVES in the old until I am ready to start bringing them over to the
new.  TSM has been great for managing these tapes during the change.  You
are welcome to email me if you would like specifics or have questions.

Shannon Bach
Madison Gas & Electric Co.
Operations Analyst - Data Center Services
Office 608-252-7260
Fax 608-252-7098
e-mail sbach AT mge DOT com

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