Cleanup backupgroups, system objects

2002-11-21 13:41:53
Subject: Cleanup backupgroups, system objects
From: Matt Simpson <msimpson AT UKY DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 13:41:14 -0500
We assumed we had the dreaded "system objects" problem because we
were running, we have a bunch of Windows clients, and our
database was growing at a rate that we didn't like.

So a couple of days ago, we upgraded to 4.2.3, and ran CLEANUP BACKUPGROUPS.
It didn't seem to accomplish anything.  It finshed fairly quickly,
compared to some of the reports I've read here, and finished with the

ANR4730I CLEANUP BACKUPGROUPS evaluated 28729 groups and deleted 0
orphan groups with  0 group
members deleted with completion state  'FINISHED'.

Somebody on this list suggested using the command

to get an idea of how bad the problem was.  I tried that, before and
after the upgrade, and got the same result: zip

ANR2034E QUERY OCCUPANCY: No match found using this criteria.
ANS8001I Return code 11.

This doesn't seem to make sense to me, because if I pick a client at
random and issue a query occ for that client, I see some system
object filespaces.

tsm: UKCCSERVER1>q occ grabthar *

Node Name     Type    Filespace      FSID    Storage       Number of
Physical      Logical
                      Name                   Pool Name         Files
Space        Space

Occupied     Occupied

(MB)         (MB)
----------    ----    ----------    -----    ----------    ---------
---------    ---------
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        1    BACKUPOFF-           11
0.03         0.03
                       r\f$                   SITE
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        1    BACKUPONS-           11
0.03         0.03
                       r\f$                   ITE
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        2    BACKUPOFF-      698,512
115,597.0    115,411.1
                       r\e$                   SITE
8            5
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        2    BACKUPONS-      698,512
115,987.1    115,411.1
                       r\e$                   ITE
8            9
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        3    BACKUPOFF-       20,558
4,651.16     4,570.71
                       r\c$                   SITE
GRABTHAR      Bkup    \\grabtha-        3    BACKUPONS-       20,558
4,642.22     4,570.71
                       r\c$                   ITE
GRABTHAR      Bkup    SYSTEM            4    BACKUPOFF-      106,465
13,598.76    13,598.76
                       OBJECT                 SITE
GRABTHAR      Bkup    SYSTEM            4    BACKUPONS-      106,465
13,598.76    13,598.76
                       OBJECT                 ITE

The pieces just don't seem to be fitting together. What am I missing?

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219 McVey Hall  -- (859) 257-2900 x300
University Of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506
<mailto:msimpson AT uky DOT edu>
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