JBB support

2002-11-15 02:49:48
Subject: JBB support
From: "Jager Frederic (BIL)" <Frederic.Jager AT DEXIA-BIL DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 08:48:59 +0100
I have some questions related to Journal Based Backups :

- Is journaling supported in a MScluster environment with Geospan on EMC disks 
? If so, which TSM client version is it ?
- Is journaling supported on standalone nodes with TSM client AND TDPs (MSSQl, 
Exchange) installed ?
- Is there reported issues regarding journaling on Win2k systems running 
antivirus softwares (NORTON...) ?

Thanks for your answer,
JAGER Frédéric - UNIX/Open Storage Management
DEXIA - Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

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